Donald Trump to turn himself in on Thursday over Georgia indictment

As reported by CNN on Monday, sources indicate that former President Donald Trump is currently making arrangements to voluntarily appear for processing at the Fulton County jail in Georgia on Thursday. This specific date was determined through negotiations with the Fulton County district attorney\’s office, focusing on the terms of his consent bond and subsequent release conditions.

Revealed in a 98-page indictment in Georgia last week, Trump and 18 other co-defendants were collectively charged with a total of 41 criminal counts relating to efforts aimed at challenging the outcome of the 2020 state election.

Anticipated preparations for Trump\’s voluntary surrender are expected to prompt a \”hard lockdown\” of the vicinity surrounding the Rice Street Jail, as declared by the local sheriff\’s office earlier on Monday. However, the precise timing of this surrender has not been disclosed.

As of the time of this report, a representative for Trump has not provided a timely response to inquiries seeking comment.

Trump is poised to face a bond requirement of $200,000 and will also be prohibited from disseminating any form of menacing content on social media platforms while awaiting trial in Georgia. This trial pertains to the allegations surrounding his efforts to reverse the outcome of the 2020 election loss. A court document submitted on Monday outlines these stipulations.

The official bond agreement, sanctioned by Trump\’s legal team and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, also enumerates the conditions for his release, encompassing measures to prevent witness intimidation and obstruction of justice.

Trump, who is currently a frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, and his co-defendants were formally indicted on August 14. Willis had extended until Friday at noon ET (1600 GMT) for them to either surrender voluntarily or face potential apprehension.

While the prosecutors have proposed a trial commencement date of March 4, Trump\’s legal counsel has requested a trial to be scheduled in 2026.

Notably, the reported surrender of Trump on Thursday aligns with the day following the initial Republican primary presidential debate. Significantly, Trump has indicated that he does not plan to participate in this debate.

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