Delhi Police arrests 4, including two doctors, as patients die after surgery

In relation to the fatality following gallbladder stone removal surgery in 2022, the Delhi Police has detained four individuals, including two doctors, from Greater Kailash. The incident transpired on October 10, 2022, when a woman admitted her husband, Asgar Ali, to Agarwal Medical Centre for the procedure.

After the surgery, Ali experienced intense pain, leading to his transfer to Safdarjung Hospital, where he was declared dead following a medical examination. Subsequently, the woman discovered that two individuals involved in the operation lacked medical qualifications, prompting her to report the matter to the police.

In the course of the investigation, another case surfaced involving the demise of Jai Narayan (44) after a similar gallbladder stone removal surgery in October of the same year. A medical board, convened in the aftermath of Narayan\’s death, identified numerous shortcomings at Agarwal Medical Centre.

Further scrutiny disclosed that the director of the center, Dr. Neeral Agarwal (MBBS), routinely forged documents pertaining to patients\’ treatment and surgeries.

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