Delhi Metro To Run 20 Extra Trains From Today As NCR Grapples With Pollution

Commencing on November 3, the Delhi Metro will introduce an additional 20 train services across its network as part of an initiative to promote increased utilization of public transportation in Delhi and its neighboring areas. This decision is in response to measures implemented by pollution control authorities on Thursday when Delhi\’s Air Quality Index (AQI) reached a level of 402 at 5 pm. Consequently, the Central pollution control panel initiated Stage III of the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP), a protocol typically enforced during the winter season in the region.

The Delhi Metro issued a statement, explaining, \”In light of the implementation of GRAP-III to combat pollution in Delhi, the DMRC will be introducing 20 extra train trips across its network, starting from November 3, 2023 (Friday).\”

Previously, starting from October 25, the Delhi Metro had already commenced running an additional 40 train services on weekdays (Monday to Friday) in alignment with the initiation of GRAP-II.

As a result, the Delhi Metro will now operate a total of 60 additional trips from the following day, as part of its commitment to GRAP, with the primary objective of promoting greater use of public transportation in the Delhi-NCR region.

In response to the \’severe\’ classification of the city\’s air quality, the Central pollution control panel had issued directives to prohibit non-essential construction activities in Delhi-NCR and to regulate the entry of diesel-intensive trucks into the capital.

GRAP categorizes actions into four stages: Stage I – \’Poor\’ (AQI 201-300); Stage II – \’Very Poor\’ (AQI 301-400); Stage III – \’Severe\’ (AQI 401-450); and Stage IV – \’Severe Plus\’ (AQI >450).

Stage III of GRAP mandates a complete halt on construction and demolition work, with exceptions only for essential government projects, mining, and stone crushing activities.

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