\”Deeply Disturbed\”: US On Indian Student Stabbed In Indiana

The United States has expressed its dismay over the assault on an Indian student in Indiana, who is presently in critical condition due to the attack. Varun Raj Pucha, the Indian student, was the victim of a stabbing incident that occurred at a gym in Indiana.

The US State Department has also extended its best wishes for Varun\’s complete recovery and has specified that any inquiries regarding this ongoing case should be directed to local law enforcement.

A spokesperson from the US State Department conveyed, \”We are deeply concerned by the reports of a severe attack on Indian graduate student Varun Raj Pucha. We wish him a swift and full recovery from his injuries. All questions pertaining to this ongoing case should be directed to local law enforcement.\”

Varun Raj Pucha, hailing from Telangana, is an Indian student who sustained a stab wound to the head during his time at a gym in Indiana. He is currently receiving critical care and life support at a hospital.

The individual responsible for the attack has been apprehended by the police, and a comprehensive investigation is currently underway.

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