Daily Quiz | 20 March 2024


Daily Quiz - 20 March

Tarun IAS offers a variety of courses and resources for UPSC aspirants, including a section for daily current affairs and quizzes. The institute was established with the goal of providing high-quality education and preparing students for the IAS exams. They aim to offer education that is up to date, challenging, and accessible regardless of the student's location or the time of day
Tarun IAS emphasizes the importance of Current Affairs in both the prelims and mains of the UPSC exams, offering extensive materials and notes on the subject. Her For the most current and specific daily MCQs related to current affairs or any other subject, please click on the link below.

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1.Consider the following statements regarding Bugun Liocichla: 

1) It was the first bird discovered since India’s Independence.
2) It is majorly found in Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary.
3) Its IUCN status is Critically Endangered.

How many of the above statements is/are correct?

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2. Ex Tiger Triumph - 24 recently took place between:

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3. With reference to the High-level Committee (HLC) on “One Nation, One Election”, consider the following statements:

1) In the event of a hung House, a no-confidence motion, or any such event, fresh elections should be held to constitute the new Lok Sabha or state Assembly.
2) The committee recommended the preparation of single electoral roll and electoral photo identity cards.
3) The Constitution should be amended to enable simultaneous elections.

How many of the above are the recommendations of the High-level Committee (HLC)?

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4. Consider the following:

1) Acetogenesis
2) Methanogenesis
3) Acidogenesis
4) Hydrolysis

What is the correct chronological order of these stages in biogas generation?

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5. Consider the following countries:

1) Brazil
2) Australia
3) United States
4) Japan

How many of the countries given above have 2+2 dialogue with India?

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