Crackdown on ‘halal’ products in UP: 2,275 kg of food items seized

In elucidating the exclusion of meat items from the prohibition on halal-certified products in Uttar Pradesh, officials from the state\’s Food and Safety Department revealed on Thursday that 2,275 kg of food products had been seized across 38 districts. Over the course of the three days since the ban came into effect, 482 business establishments underwent scrutiny.

Anita Singh, the Commissioner of Uttar Pradesh Food Safety and Drug Administration, clarified to The Indian Express, \”Our field units conducted inspections and raids in 38 districts, totaling 482 inspections and 97 raids. While inspections were conducted randomly, the raids were initiated based on specific information. We confiscated 2,275 kg of food products identified as halal-certified, encompassing items such as pasta, sewai, mint, pulses, salt, etc. These products will undergo re-labeling, and we will provide instructions to retailers and manufacturers accordingly. The majority of seizures were concentrated in Agra, Mainpuri, Ayodhya, Gorakhpur, Ambedkar Nagar, and Moradabad districts.\”

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