Congress Clones Karnataka Plan To Take Down BJP In Madhya Pradesh

After emerging victorious in the Karnataka elections, the Congress party is striving to replicate its triumphant approach in Madhya Pradesh. This blueprint entails offering incentives and making allegations of corruption against the ruling BJP. Congress leaders are unwavering in their determination to orchestrate a resurgence in Madhya Pradesh. To counter this fresh offensive by the Congress, the BJP has also recalibrated its tactics.

During a rally on June 12 in Jabalpur, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, a prominent figure in the Congress, unveiled a series of commitments, stating, \”Today, I am making a set of assurances that we will fully uphold. We made these pledges to the people of Karnataka, where the government promptly enacted them upon assuming power.\” She proceeded to outline the guarantees, encompassing a monthly stipend of ₹1,500 for women, availability of a gas cylinder at ₹500, provision of 100 units of free electricity, a 50% reduction in the cost of 200 units, and the reinstatement of the old-age pension scheme. Additionally, she affirmed a comprehensive waiver of loans for impoverished farmers burdened by heavy debts, delineating these five guarantees that would materialize should the Congress ascend to power in Madhya Pradesh.

A pivotal maneuver executed by the Congress in the political maneuverings of Madhya Pradesh was the appointment of Randeep Surjewala to lead the state, a role he had previously held in Karnataka. The Congress strategist behind the party\’s noteworthy performance in Karnataka, Sunil Kanugolu, has also been entrusted with replicating those achievements in Madhya Pradesh.

While the Congress\’s campaign in Karnataka predominantly revolved around accusing the ruling party of a \”40 per cent commission,\” this charge has escalated to \”50 per cent commission\” in the Madhya Pradesh context.

Congress leader Digvijay Singh made allegations of corruption spanning various aspects of governance, from the Kumbh Mela to the construction of the Mahakal temple.

In response, VD Sharma, the chief of the BJP in Madhya Pradesh, accused the Congress of attempting to mislead the public and pledged a robust counteraction. He asserted, \”The Congress is attempting to deceive people with a forged document. A strong rejoinder will be forthcoming; every party member will respond to Priyanka Gandhi. Accountability is imperative. A defamation offense has been committed.\”

The BJP has seized upon this shift in narrative, adopting novel methods to confront the Congress in Madhya Pradesh. Following a gathering of the BJP\’s central election committee, the party promptly revealed the identities of 39 candidates for the state.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan commented, \”Our preparations are proceeding with great urgency. The Congress seems hesitant to unveil their candidates\’ names. We have disclosed our candidates, and our leaders are now actively engaged in the field.\”

Meanwhile, the Congress is conducting meetings at the divisional level throughout Madhya Pradesh, with around 230 MLAs hailing from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar engaging with citizens across the state over a seven-day period.

As part of an intensified campaign strategy, Home Minister Amit Shah is slated to visit Madhya Pradesh on Sunday, participating in a range of events subsequent to the BJP\’s release of the candidate list.

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