Crack the UPSC Exam Through The Best IAS Coaching in Delhi

With a success rate of only 0.2-0.1%, the UPSC exam is known to be one of the most difficult exams not only in India but also in the world. The difference in the number of students attending the preliminary round to the number in the Mains round is huge. In 2019, the difference in the numbers was around 4,88,000 students. This means that the margins are huge and may seem impossible also. But that is where Tarun IAS Academy comes in since it is known to be one of the best IAS coaching in Delhi

Reasons to Choose Tarun IAS Academy: 

The main reason why Tarun IAS Academy is known as one of the best coaching institute for IAS in Delhi because of the structure of its courses. In addition to a professional faculty, expert guidance, the academy also conducts the Prelims Test Series. These tests are essential to ace the prelims examination. Following are the reason why an aspiring candidate must enroll at Tarun IAS Academy:

  • Subject Wise Testing: After a new topic or a particular duration, an aspirant has to give a test. These tests contain all the concepts that were taught and also requires a student to apply their knowledge. Thus a student can easily retain and restore information.
  • CSAT Tests: The Tarun Academy also conducts dedicated CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test) tests. The testing occurs eight times throughout the entire course. It involves two papers. These tests are prepared with the aim of creating an environment similar to a real exam. 
  • Standard Tests: The tests are set by experienced teachers who have been working in the field for many years. The faculty members have also been members of other Best IAS coaching in India.
  • Relevant Testing: The test series always contain relevant topics that are essential and have high weightage. The syllabus always possesses a good structure.
  • Online Tests: Both the CSAT test series and the Prelims test series. Therefore, a student can attend tests from anywhere. In this way, the Tarun IAS Academy helps students from all parts of India.  
  • Weekly Doubt sessions: Following a test, a student can approach a professor through the Live Doubt Sessions to understand the topic clearly. 
  • Comprehensive Study Material: the study material provided by Tarun IAS Academy contains a varied number of topics like:
    1. History
    2. Economics
    3. Governance
    4. Geography

It Even Contains a Separate Category for Civil Services Aptitude Tests

Another reason why Tarun IAS Academy is among the best institutes is that the Academy gives utmost importance to current affairs. The faculty hold Bi-weekly classes to update the aspirants on both major and even minor details. In this way, a student receives all-round development at Tarun IAS Academy. In addition to this, the faculty also aims to provide each student with the tools required to do their best on the final day.  In conclusion, no serious aspirant can go wrong with choosing the Tarun IAS Academy to aid their preparation to become an IAS officer.

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