Woman Discovers Over $86 Million Mistakenly Deposited in Her Bank Account

A client of Malaysia\’s largest bank recently encountered an unexpected surge in her bank balance, amounting to over $86 million. Hafidzah Abdullah, the director and co-founder of a human-resources firm, discovered a credit of more than 404 million ringgit ($86.3 million) when reviewing her account last month. Despite the potential windfall, she faced difficulties accessing the funds. In a LinkedIn post on November 29, Hafidzah amusingly expressed gratitude to Maybank for creating a memorable banking experience, highlighting recurring account glitches and the frustration of addressing issues through branch visits or extended phone waits.

The post prompted responses from others sharing similar grievances, and Maybank\’s head of group customer experience management, Shaikh Munir Ahmad, extended assistance. Following his involvement, Hafidzah successfully regained access to her account. Maybank confirmed on Friday that the matter, initially reported by the New Straits Times, had been resolved. The bank clarified that it was not a system-wide issue and assured that the customer account was not compromised. Maybank, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, holds the position of Southeast Asia\’s fourth-largest bank by assets.

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