Know about streams best Suits for IAS and UPSC Civil Services Examination

Career choices are extremely crucial and have to be made with proper contemplation. Students aspiring to appear for IAS/ UPSC Civil Services Exams have to be vigilant about the path they choose towards the examination. It sets the students to a rhythm of preparation and studying for the competitive examination. There is always a lot of advice coming your way if you wish to appear for CSE examinations, but which stream to choose after all?

The choice of stream during the 11th & 12th grade is one such dilemma and it further reappears when choosing a field for your graduation. Students have to decide between three prominent streams – Arts, Science, and Commerce. Even though selecting the stream is completely at the students\’ discretion and their interest, choosing a stream that has subjects compatible with the subjects of the competitive examination is paramount.

It is observed that the students taking Humanities in their 11th & 12th or undergraduate, have a bonus in terms of the subjects they have. The subjects of Humanities are similar to that of the subjects under General Studies. This helps students cover a bit of their syllabus from the beginning of their journey itself.

Along with surfing for which will be the best UPSC coaching in India based at Delhi for you, this decision is also extremely significant. The students opting Humanities are given choices between certain subjects which are optional for election for students at the Mains stage of CSE. Subjects like:

  • Political Science
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • History
  • Public Administration
  • Philosophy

Humanities prepare the students a step ahead for all the three stages of the IAS examination. According to the 68th UPSC annual report, 8.5% of the selected candidates had opted for Humanities. However, a lot of selected candidates had chosen the subjects related to Humanities as their optional subjects. The report also shows that a major lot of the candidates have shifted their stream from Science or Commerce to Humanities during their graduation.

All the subjects mentioned above are inculcated in the General Studies papers of the prelims and Mains. Additionally, the papers of the optional subjects also become easy to crack – by having experience in dealing with these subjects before, resulting in higher scores in CSE. 

Moreover, it is seen that during the interview round candidates are asked questions like the reason for choosing a particular optional subject. Candidates with a Humanities background would already be prepared and thus, would score better in all the rounds. Even the top IAS coaching in Delhi, focuses on preparing candidates thoroughly for the subjects in General Studies. Thus, considering all the boxes for a headstart for your CSE, Humanities is a great stream choice. In the end, your choice of stream plays only a little part, in comparison to your passion and interest in pursuing the Civil Service fields. Without interest, even choosing Humanities would not be beneficial. Enrolling at Tarun IAS, the perfect IAS coaching centres in Delhi, will help you boost your previous knowledge and add a lot more to it. Make the right decisions and watch yourself pass the examination with flying colors!

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