Answer Key of UPSC IAS Prelims 2024 Exam GS Paper I with Detailed Solutions and Sources:

The UPSC IAS Prelims is one of the most anticipated and challenging exams for aspirants aiming to join the prestigious Indian Administrative Services. After months of rigorous preparation, candidates eagerly await the release of the answer key to gauge their performance and estimate their chances of advancing to the next stage. This year, the Tarun IAS content team has once again stepped up to provide the most authentic and comprehensive answer key for the UPSC IAS Prelims 2024 exam.

Why Choose Tarun IAS Answer Key?

Tarun IAS has earned a stellar reputation for its meticulously compiled answer keys, which are renowned for their accuracy and reliability. Each year, thousands of aspirants turn to Tarun IAS for their answer key, confident in the knowledge that it is the most error-free and trustworthy resource available. Here’s why:

  1. Compiled from the Most Authentic Sources: The content team at Tarun IAS uses the most credible and authoritative sources to compile the answer key. This ensures that the answers are not only correct but also backed by solid references.
  2. Detailed Solutions Provided: Understanding the answer is as important as knowing whether you got it right or wrong. Tarun IAS offers detailed solutions for each question, explaining the reasoning and methodology behind the correct answer. This helps aspirants learn from their mistakes and better prepare for future exams.
  3. High Accuracy Rate: The Tarun IAS answer key is known for its high level of accuracy. Every answer is thoroughly checked and rechecked by experts before being published, making it the most reliable resource for candidates.

Access the UPSC IAS Prelims 2024 exam Answer Key with Detailed Solutions and Sources here:

UPSC IAS Prelims 2024 Exam Answer Key (solutions and explanation) GS Paper 1


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