Putin Meets S Jaishankar, Invites PM To Russia, Seeks Ukraine Solution

Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar met with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin on Wednesday, engaging in discussions that encompassed various issues, notably the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. During this encounter, President Putin extended an invitation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, expressing a warm welcome for his prospective visit to Russia in the upcoming year.

Conveying Russia\’s openness to the visit, Putin expressed, \”We will be pleased to host our friend, Prime Minister Modi, in Russia.\” This interaction unfolded as part of Jaishankar\’s official five-day visit to the country, during which he also had discussions with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov.

President Putin acknowledged Prime Minister Modi\’s dedication to seeking a peaceful resolution to the Ukraine crisis and affirmed Russia\’s readiness to collaborate with India by sharing information on potential peaceful resolutions. Putin shared insights, stating, \”I have counseled him (PM Modi) multiple times on the situation in Ukraine, and I am aware of his willingness to make every effort for a peaceful resolution. Hence, we will delve deeper into that now and provide additional information to you,\” during the meeting with Jaishankar.

Subsequent to their discussions, Jaishankar, alongside Lavrov, engaged in a joint media appearance, expressing confidence that PM Modi and President Putin would convene for an annual summit in the coming year. Jaishankar emphasized the frequent communication between the two leaders, underscoring the significance of these summits as the highest institutional dialogue mechanism in the strategic partnership between India and Russia. To date, 21 annual summits have alternated between India and Russia, with the most recent one held in Delhi in December 2021.

President Putin observed the escalating trade turnover between Russia and India, particularly in crude oil and high-technology sectors. He highlighted the consistent and augmented growth in trade turnover, with this year\’s growth rate surpassing that of the previous year.

During his visit, Jaishankar engaged in a \”comprehensive and productive\” meeting with Russia\’s Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov, focusing on bilateral economic cooperation. The discussions resulted in the signing of significant agreements related to the construction of future power-generating units at the Kudankulam nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu.

Despite Moscow\’s invasion of Ukraine, the robust ties between India and Russia persist. India has refrained from condemning the Russian invasion, advocating for a diplomatic and dialogic resolution to the crisis. Moreover, India\’s import of Russian crude oil has witnessed a substantial increase, despite growing apprehensions in many Western countries.

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