PM Modi To Inaugurate World’s Largest Office Building In Surat On Sunday

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to inaugurate the Surat Diamond Bourse, acknowledged as the world\’s largest corporate office hub. Encompassing 35.54 acres and built at a cost of ₹3,400 crore, the Surat Diamond Bourse is positioned to establish itself as a global hub for both rough and polished diamond trading.

Recognized as the world\’s largest interconnected building, the Diamond Bourse comprises over 4,500 interconnected offices, surpassing the size of even the Pentagon. Significantly, it holds the distinction of being the largest customs clearance house in the country.

With the capability to house 4,200 traders from 175 countries, the Diamond Bourse in Surat is expected to draw global diamond buyers, offering a comprehensive platform for the trade of polished diamonds. The facility is foreseen to generate employment for approximately 1.5 lakh individuals, further strengthening Surat\’s standing on the international diamond trading landscape.

In response to a media report in July that highlighted the Surat Diamond Bourse surpassing the Pentagon as the world\’s largest office building after an 80-year reign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated, \”Surat Diamond Bourse showcases the dynamism and growth of Surat\’s diamond industry. It is also a testament to India\’s entrepreneurial spirit. It will serve as a hub for trade, innovation, and collaboration, further boosting our economy and creating employment opportunities.\”

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