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31+ IAS Interview Questions

With a variety of questions being asked, each IAS interview is distinct. They could be challenging, straightforward, overly factual, analytical, or complex. Although that question is not particularly difficult, I do mean it is hard, so you must put in some effort to provide a good response. Before responding, it could be necessary to identify any important issues that are at play. Additionally, the question may have been posed with a specific perspective and aim;… Read More »31+ IAS Interview Questions


How Difficult it is to Become an IAS officer?

Every applicant who trains for the UPSC Civil Services Examination has the dream of becoming an IAS officer. However, not everyone’s aspirations come true. This is due to the small number of opportunities that are available each year, despite the fact that lakhs of individuals wish to work in the Indian government. The UPSC syllabus is a significant component that influences how “difficult” this exam is. Unlike many other tests where you just require knowledge… Read More »How Difficult it is to Become an IAS officer?

power of an ias officer

30 Tips for IAS Exam Preparation

One of the highest-regarded exams in India is the UPSC Civil Services Exam. Millions of individuals around the nation attempt it each year. Only a very small percentage of them, however, are successful in realizing their IAS dreams. The length of the IAS exam’s syllabus makes it difficult, but that’s not the only thing that makes it intimidating—the exam’s extremely unexpected character plays a role as well. Simply being a bookworm won’t help you pass… Read More »30 Tips for IAS Exam Preparation

20 Tips to Prepare for IAS Interview

An IAS interview is a 30-minute activity that has the power to alter your life. In just under 30 minutes, an applicant with a high UPSC interview score may be separated from rivals by more than 100 points. Given that this is the final round of India’s hardest competition, one would have an unbeatable lead. Here are a few tips which will help you excel in your last but the most important round. 1. Assess… Read More »20 Tips to Prepare for IAS Interview

10 Reasons Why UPSC is Considered Toughest Exam in the World

Without a doubt, the UPSC is regarded as the world’s toughest exam. The UPSC exam can be passed without much difficulty, nevertheless, if you have patience, honesty, and dedication.  1. Wide range of subject It takes more commitment and prolonged study sessions due to the range of courses. The subjects covered in this test encompass a wide range of topics because an IAS’s job is not limited to a single field. Each and every subject… Read More »10 Reasons Why UPSC is Considered Toughest Exam in the World

UPSC Civil Services

What is the difference between IAS and the IPS/IFS/ IRS?

The greatest vocation somebody can have is serving their country. There are countless ways to serve your country, but the hardest thing is to become a part of the system and then change it for the benefit of the whole country. Many people choose the civil service because of this, however, they must pass the UPSC test in order to do so. The field of civil services is very broad. It has a wide variety… Read More »What is the difference between IAS and the IPS/IFS/ IRS?


10 Tips to Improve Writing Skills for UPSC

In order to get an advantage over the many rivals in an exam as sought-after and difficult as the Civil Services, one must employ a clever plan in addition to diligence and endurance. It’s crucial to convey your knowledge well when taking the UPSC exam or any other exam. Writing ability is therefore highly important. When it comes to studying and speaking, some kids excel, but when it comes to writing the same thing down… Read More »10 Tips to Improve Writing Skills for UPSC

What are the facilities of an IAS Officer?

Aspiring to be IAS officers is a dream shared by millions of young people in the nation. In light of the advantages they receive, IAS officers stand head and shoulders above other professions (public and private). Moreover, the government has granted IAS officers a great deal of power. They possess the capacity to improve lives—ideally those of others as well as their own! Here is a comprehensive discussion to show you how advantageous it would… Read More »What are the facilities of an IAS Officer?


Know about Civil Services Examination and UPSC Syllabus?

CIVIL SERVICES EXAMINATION Note: Candidates are advised to go through the Syllabus published in this Section for the Preliminary Examination and the Main Examination, as periodic revision of syllabus has been done in several subjects. Part A—Preliminary Examination Paper I – (200 marks)  Duration: Two hours Current events of national and international importance. History of India and Indian National Movement. Indian and World Geography-Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World. Indian Polity and… Read More »Know about Civil Services Examination and UPSC Syllabus?


Want to know about IAS Exam Age Limit & Attempts

Age limit is the most important criteria for any kind of exam for government jobs. Therefore, the candidates have to achieve the age limit criteria set by the respective authorities for the exam. There are conditions of nationality, age, number of attempts, and educational qualifications. However, for the general category aspirants, citizenship is a must for a candidate, must be between the ages of 21 and 32, and also must not have attempted the IAS… Read More »Want to know about IAS Exam Age Limit & Attempts