‘No one cares for Delhi’: HC fumes as orders on trees ignored

Expressing discontent with the neglect of Delhi, the high court on Monday conveyed \”extreme displeasure\” regarding government officials\’ failure to comply with directives aimed at enhancing greenery along the capital\’s main roads.

Justice Jasmeet Singh, informed that approximately 400 trees planted along the Ring Road had perished due to neglect and extensive car parking, directed the special secretaries of the PWD and forest department to submit an affidavit explaining why the trees were not attended to, despite assurances given to the court.

The judge commented, \”I personally feel that will is lacking. Nobody cares for Delhi,\” emphasizing that even rigorous measures like contempt proceedings can only produce limited results.

Expressing its \”extreme displeasure with the response of PWD and forest department,\” the court mandated the special secretaries to submit an affidavit detailing the reasons for non-compliance with court orders, the status of tree plantation, and the lack of post-plantation care.

The court instructed authorities to establish a dedicated \”monitoring cell\” for trees by the next hearing in February and sought information on the number of inspections conducted by officials to maintain the 400 trees along the Ring Road.

Acting on a plea presented by advocate Aditya N Prasad, who serves as the court commissioner in the tree plantation matter, the high court addressed the serious lapse by officials in adhering to the court\’s directives. Additionally, the court requested a response from DJB on why a nodal officer was not appointed to ensure the implementation of judicial orders.

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