Madhya Pradesh Bans Loudspeakers At Religious Places Beyond Permissible Limits

Following his oath-taking as Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Dr. Mohan Yadav chaired the inaugural state cabinet meeting, during which a decision was reached to rigorously enforce the use of sound amplifiers (including loudspeakers and DJs) in accordance with prescribed standards at religious and other venues.

As part of this undertaking, flying squads will be established in all districts to monitor noise pollution and clamp down on the unauthorized use of loudspeakers. This decision aligns with the Madhya Pradesh Noise Control Act, Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules 2000, and guidelines set forth by the Supreme Court and the High Court. The Act explicitly prohibits the use of loudspeakers and other sound amplifying devices at elevated volumes without proper authorization.

Each district\’s flying squad will conduct regular and random inspections of religious and public spaces. In the event of rule violations, investigations will be initiated within three days, followed by the submission of a report to the relevant authority.

To address instances of non-compliance, concerted efforts will be made to engage with religious leaders for the voluntary removal of loudspeakers. Furthermore, instructions have been issued to compile and review a list of religious places where these regulations are not being observed, on a weekly basis at the district level. The Home Department is slated to receive the compliance report by December 31.

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