India Navy appointed first woman commanding officer in naval ship, says Admiral R Hari Kumar

Recently, the Indian Navy appointed its inaugural female commanding officer for a naval ship, as disclosed by Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar on Friday. Emphasizing the commitment to the philosophy of \’all roles-all ranks\’ for female personnel, Admiral Kumar observed that more than 1,000 women Agniveers are now integral members of the Indian Navy.

Articulating the Navy\’s dedication to challenging norms and sustaining an aspirational and dynamic trajectory, Admiral Kumar highlighted the significance of the first woman commanding officer\’s appointment. He revealed that the overall strength of women Agniveers has exceeded the 1,000 milestone, with the initial batch completing their training at INS Chilka in March of this year.

Delving into specifics, Admiral Kumar shared that the first Agniveer batch included 272 female trainees, followed by a second batch featuring 454 women. He proudly announced that the recent induction of the third batch has elevated the number of women affiliates in the navy to over 1,000.

Speaking at a press conference leading up to Navy Day, Admiral Kumar underscored that these advancements align with the Indian Navy\’s dedication to the principle of ‘all roles and all ranks’ for deploying women, encompassing both officers and personnel below officer rank.

Reflecting on the noteworthy accomplishments of the Indian Navy in the past year, Admiral Kumar spotlighted the sustained high operational tempo of ships, submarines, and aircraft in strategic waters. He noted their presence throughout the Indo-Pacific region, operational turnarounds at foreign ports, and the extensive participation of more than 151 operational units in a data-level readiness exercise covering an expanse of over 21 million square nautical miles in January and February.

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