Good Samaritans Come To Rescue Of Dogs Stranded in Chennai Floods, Internet Moved

After enduring heavy rains triggered by Cyclone Michaung on Monday, Chennai grappled with extensive flooding that disrupted daily life across different parts of the city. Despite the precipitation relenting, significant areas of the city, particularly in low-lying regions, remain submerged. The repercussions of escalating water levels and widespread devastation extend beyond humans, impacting animals as well. Thankfully, individuals have not forsaken their loyal companions and are actively engaging in rescue operations. A noteworthy video circulating on X showcases two individuals rescuing two dogs stranded on a flooded road.

The video\’s caption underscores the enduring spirit of humanity: \”Humanity is still alive. Thank you, rescue team.\” The footage captures two dogs trapped in floodwaters, with two men approaching them, armed with a cart. Wading through knee-deep water, the men rescue the distressed dogs, placing them in a vehicle for their safety.

Numerous viewers expressed their gratitude for this compassionate act in the comments section. Some shared additional videos depicting other Good Samaritans rescuing stranded animals.

One user commented, \”Very nice to help these speechless souls,\” while another remarked, \”Lovely… That gives pure satisfaction.\”

In the meantime, Cyclone Michaung made landfall, causing substantial rainfall in Andhra Pradesh and leading to flooding in Chennai. The city witnessed seventeen fatalities due to rain-related incidents, marking it as one of the worst-hit areas by the cyclone. Relief efforts, including the airdrop of food and other supplies, are underway in Chennai. Water is being pumped out from flooded low-lying areas, according to DR J Radhakrishnan, Commissioner of Greater Chennai Corporation.

Additional teams from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) have been activated, and 300 boats have been dispatched to navigate the flooded low-lying regions. The India Meteorological Department reported that the severe cyclonic storm originating in the Bay of Bengal has weakened into a depression.

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