Fans think Amy Jackson looks like Cillian Murphy in latest pics: ‘You were great in Oppenheimer’

Irish actor Cillian Murphy is currently causing a stir on Desi Twitter, courtesy of Amy Jackson. On a recent Wednesday, Amy Jackson shared a collection of photos from a recent outing with her boyfriend, Ed Westwick. In these images, Amy exhibited a noticeably different appearance than her usual self, prompting many to notice an uncanny resemblance to Cillian Murphy. (Also, read: Amy Jackson shares photos from her Udaipur trip with boyfriend Ed Westwick.)

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Amy Jackson’s distinctive high cheekbones and captivating light eyes undeniably bring to mind Cillian Murphy. With her heightened cheekbones, enchanting light eyes, and an open-mouthed expression, Amy instantly conjured up thoughts of Thomas Shelby, the iconic character portrayed by Cillian in the popular series Peaky Blinders. This sparked a deluge of humorous comments and the sharing of numerous Thomas Shelby GIFs in response to Amy’s Instagram post.

One individual humorously remarked, “Cillian Murphy doppelgänger, impossible to unsee.” Another person playfully quipped, “You were fantastic in Oppenheimer.” Yet another contributor amusingly proposed, “Cillian Murphy must have infiltrated her account.” Someone else jokingly said, “Tommy Shelby rocks the red look.”

Amy made a striking appearance at the London Fashion Week in her eye-catching red ensemble. In her post’s caption, she expressed, “We might have been fashionably late to the LFW party, but we made an entrance and exit with a bang. A big shout-out to @maisonvalentino and my family.”

Amy is presently in a relationship with Ed Westwick, renowned for his portrayal of Chuck Bass in the popular series Gossip Girl, which also featured Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, and others. Ed has also taken the lead in the sitcom White Gold and made his cinematic debut in Children of Men (2006).

Recently, Amy and Ed enjoyed a romantic getaway to Udaipur. Their relationship became official when Amy posted about it on Instagram in June of the previous year. Prior to this relationship, Amy was engaged to George Panayiotou.

Meanwhile, Cillian Murphy’s most recent appearance was in Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster film Oppenheimer, where he assumed the role of Robert J. Oppenheimer, often referred to as the “father of the atomic bomb.” The film also featured renowned actors such as Robert Downey Jr., Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, and Florence Pugh. Oppenheimer achieved enormous success both in India and on the international stage, grossing over $900 million.

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