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A stable structure can only be built on a strong foundation.

The Civil Services Exam, or IAS exam, conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) gives candidates a shot at various posts like IAS, IPS, IFS, and IRS. It is considered the most challenging exam in the country. Every year, over 4 lakh individuals from all over the country apply for the UPSC exam. Only 50% of the applicants attempt the Preliminary round, but only 5% qualify for the Mains. Approximately, only one-fifth move onto the Interview round, and even fewer make it to the service.

At this point, you might think, ‘Is it impossible to become a civil servant?’. The answer is no. You do not have to be a genius to crack the exam. All you require is the right mindset, serious dedication, and the right UPSC foundation course

Taking a foundation course can help your preparation for the exam, as it gives you a structured time table that will keep you on course; provides on spot doubt clarification, daily practice and more. Cracking the exam can be very difficult if you study on your own. Students tend to be easily distracted, and suitable material cannot be found online.

Taking Online Classes

With the pandemic’s arrival, many UPSC coaching institutions were forced to move their classes to the digital platform. Unfortunately, not every institute was able to do so in an effective manner. Many UPSC foundation courses online have low video quality and need a higher range of internet bandwidth to attend the classes. 

Tarun IAS is one such institute, which has been known to provide unique UPSC foundation courses in Delhi and now you can learn from the best online! 

UPSC Coaching at Tarun IAS

The UPSC foundation course online provided by Tarun IAS holds an advantage over the others, as they provide 800+ hours HD quality videos, recorded by a splendid faculty. This does not even depend on the broadband usage, because the Fusion Course lets you switch to offline mode. The 12-month foundation course package provided by them also contains live sessions–twice a month–which cover the current affairs required for the exam. Apart from this, the course also gives you a study schedule daily for General Studies; you are personally mentored, and live sessions with the faculty let you clear all doubts. And you get all this from the comfort of your home!

The all-inclusive study material offered by Tarun IAS institute for the foundation course is delivered as hard copies to your doorstep. The material is prepared by a faculty of highly experienced and result oriented individuals, after analysing the previous year question papers. 

Practice, with financial comfort!

We know practice makes the man perfect, but how many of us do it? 

The online UPSC foundation course by Tarun IAS makes you practice writing answers daily to improve your time management and increase your writing speed. Their three-tier test series also gives you an experience of how the exam will be at every level. This also improves your confidence and gets rid of the fear and stress towards the exam. 

The EMI plans and the various custom plans available at Tarun IAS, make the course accessible to everyone. Join in for this UPSC foundation course online and get the best learning experience today.

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