COP28: PM Modi meets Israel President, emphasises India’s support to two-state solution to Palestine issue

During the COP28 World Climate Action Summit on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Israel President Isaac Herzog engaged in discussions. The focal points of their talks included the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. PM Modi reiterated India\’s support for a two-state solution and underscored the importance of a lasting resolution to the Israel-Palestine issue through diplomatic means. The leaders also addressed the secure delivery of humanitarian aid to the affected population. PM Modi extended condolences for the lives lost in the October 7 terror attacks and expressed appreciation for the release of hostages. Despite recent attempts at a truce, combat between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip resumed after the failure to extend the seven-day pause in fighting. The breakdown of the truce was attributed to issues related to the release of hostages, with both sides presenting differing perspectives on the situation.

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