Busting 5 Popular Myths About UPSC Exam

UPSC is one of the most prestigious exams worldwide, and it is equally competitive. However, this does not make it unachievable. All you need to do is be under a good IAS institute in Delhi or any other part of the country and devote enough time and patience to prepare for the exam. It is believed that lakhs of aspirants appear for the exam when in reality the seats are as few as a thousand only. It is due to this sheer nature of the exam that has garnered so many myths around it. If you are an aspirant and finding it difficult to separate the truth from the myths, we have tried to make it easier.

Top 5 Myths Centring Around UPSC Exams:

Some of the most common myths surrounding the UPSC exams are:

Extensive hours of study is mandatory: 

There is a common notion that in order to crack the UPSC exam, you have to go through long hours of study for example, you have to study for 16-18 hours a day. It is neither recommended nor possible by any sane person. Majorly because the mind can get fatigued, and in that case retaining will be a big task. More than studying for long hours, it is always advised that you go for smart study. It involves dividing the topics and then going for concept-based learning.

You can top only if you are proficient academically: 

This is a very common yet one of the most baseless notions. UPSC is not like any other school or college exam, but it\’s a professional based exam. Here more than your memorization power, concept matters. All you would need to do is get guidance from a top UPSC coaching in Delhi and use the learning to build your concepts. 

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You cannot do well if you do not have an English-speaking background:

 Many people feel that they might not stand a chance just because they are not proficient in English. However, more than the language what matters is how clear your concepts are and as a person, what are the views that you uphold. You can even attempt the paper in Hindi if you are more comfortable with that. Even in the interview round, if you express your wish to speak in Hindi, you can request it from the interviewers.

It is mandatory to cover all topics: 

The syllabus for the UPSC exam is quite extensive. Hence, it would not be feasible to cover all the topics proficiently. In that case, if you are under any coaching centre, demarcate the portions which need meticulous attention. Try to cover these topics with more in-depth learning. However, this does not mean that you remain completely unaware of the other topics. Having a basic knowledge of the same help, however, you do not need to have every concept at your fingertips.

You have to study very hard to clear the interviews: 

There is a common notion that you have to study extensive hours to clear the interview round. On the contrary, it is one of the only rounds based on subjective knowledge and changes from person to person. Be confident and aware of the current affairs to answer promptly.

UPSC exam is quite tough to crack, however definitely not impossible. If you are looking for a proficient UPSC coaching centre in Delhi but are unable to find a good one, go for Tarun IAS Academy. They are known to serve as one of the best IAS academies in Delhi and hence a top choice among the aspirants.

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