Bangalore Watch Company Launches Limited Edition INS Vikrant Watches

On August 16th,, sculptor Arzan Khambatta, and Bangalore Watch Company unveiled a commemorative collection in honor of the former Indian Navy warship INS Vikrant R11. This collaborative initiative uses metal salvaged from the warship, which was decommissioned in 2014, to create a unique array of artistic and functional pieces.

Renowned Mumbai artist Khambatta will craft five distinct sculptures that pay homage to the warship’s legacy. Meanwhile, Bangalore Watch Company will design and produce a limited edition of 70 wristwatches. Both Khambatta’s sculptures and the watches from Bangalore Watch Company will incorporate metal recovered from the scrapped INS Vikrant warship. These collectibles will receive additional validation through’s digital non-fungible tokens (NFTs), enhancing security and authenticity. These digital tokens will serve as certificates of authenticity and will establish the provenance of the art pieces via a digital proof of ownership.

Kanishq Chhabria, Co-Founder of, expressed, “The INS Vikrant R11 served the Indian Navy between 1961 and 1997, safeguarding our seas in multiple combat operations. It stood as a symbol of India’s Naval Aviation and resilience, and we are honored to resurrect parts of the ship through these exceptional collectibles.”

In 2016, Arzan Khambatta was entrusted with creating a sculpture of the INS Vikrant, which now stands in Lion Gate, Mumbai. Khambatta shared his enthusiasm, saying, “I am excited about this tribute to INS Vikrant. The five sculptures will raise awareness about India’s Naval history and the INS Vikrant. As the NFT market continues to expand, it will undoubtedly facilitate a broader reach, connecting with a global audience of art enthusiasts, historians, and collectors.”

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A crucial facet of this initiative is the integration of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to document the origins and legitimacy of these creations. NFTs will serve as digital certificates of authenticity for both the watches and sculptures, preserving their provenance on the blockchain in perpetuity.

Nirupesh Joshi, Co-founder and Creative Director of Bangalore Watch Company, shed light on the watchmaking process: “The watches are crafted using hardened steel reclaimed from the warship, forming the dials. Constructed with marine-grade steel cases, anti-scratch Sapphire crystals, and powered by a La Joux-Perret Swiss-made Automatic movement with a 68-hour power reserve, this meticulous process took months to handle the special materials with care and precision. We are proud of the results.”

Arzan Khambatta elaborated on his artistic approach: “As an artist, I’m reimagining my INS Vikrant sculpture at Lion Gate, incorporating pieces from the legendary warship. By using slabs cut from the anchor chain, I aim to convey a texture and appearance reminiscent of a warrior—a symbol of triumph over adversity. Each placement carries the Vikrant’s power and passion, honoring its legacy. This sculpture pays tribute to resilience and strength, inspiring admiration for bravery and triumph against all odds. It encapsulates the enduring spirit of the Vikrant, preserving its significance for generations to come.”

The limited edition collection of 70 watches can be reserved directly on the Bangalore Watch Company website from August 15, 2023, and will be available for global shipping. The watches will be priced at INR 2,12,000/-. The five sculptures can be obtained by purchasing the corresponding NFT through the platform, also starting from August 15, 2023. These sculptures will be priced at INR 7,50,000/-.

Arzan Khambatta, born in Mumbai, transitioned from architecture to sculpture and discovered his passion at a young age. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in architecture, he has spent the past thirty years as an artist, reimagining and repurposing materials from scrapyards. Through working with fresh sheets of metal, Khambatta’s creative process involves filing, bending, molding, cutting, welding, and burning, resulting in captivating and dramatic creations that range from flowing lava rivers to swirling planets ablaze. Employing techniques of light and shadow, he masterfully accentuates subtleties and moods in his artworks. stands as a forward-looking art platform that empowers artists by seamlessly merging traditional and digital art forms. Presently, the platform hosts a robust NFT marketplace and fosters collaborations, encouraging creative partnerships among artists, brands, and influencers. is an evolving digital ecosystem that champions creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

Bangalore Watch Company™ stands as a purveyor of premium luxury wristwatches from India. Each collection, offered in limited numbers, weaves narratives from Indian Aviation, the Indian Space program, and other facets of modern India. Debuting in 2018 from India’s watchmaking nucleus, the brand has garnered a devoted following worldwide, with patrons spanning over 30 countries.

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