Bengaluru wrestled slow traffic to reach Trevor Noah\’s now cancelled show, netizens quipped ‘International bezzati’

Residents of Bengaluru have taken to selling their tickets for Trevor Noah\’s show to individuals residing near the \’Manyata\’ area who can make it to the venue within 20 minutes. This peculiar situation has arisen due to the blame placed on the Outer Ring Road (ORR) traffic for the turmoil surrounding the event.

Renowned comedian and host Trevor Noah launched the Indian leg of his \’Off The Record\’ tour with a successful show in Delhi on September 23. However, the Bengaluru performance encountered substantial obstacles, preventing the eager audience from reaching the Silicon Valley of India for the highly anticipated show.

Trevor Noah, the former host of \”The Daily Show,\” celebrated for his insightful commentary on global politics and current events, unexpectedly faced a delay in his Bengaluru show following a triumphant performance in the national capital, Delhi.

Various social media platforms, including \’X,\’ became platforms for netizens to vent their frustration and disappointment regarding the event. Some attendees opted to sell their tickets due to being ensnared in traffic. One seller advertised, \”I have 2 #TrevorNoah tickets for the 7:30 show tonight. Originally ₹6500 each, now selling for ₹5000 each. My friend can\’t attend due to the chaotic ORR traffic! Perfect for those living near Manyata.\”

Before technical issues led to the show\’s cancellation, another attendee expressed their anticipation: \”This show had better be outstanding. @Trevornoah BETTER BE OUTSTANDING! I spent 2 hours on the road only to arrive at a dispiriting venue with the worst parking 1/2 km away.\”

In the midst of the chaos, witty comments emerged, such as \”BMS now stands for Buggered My Show\” and \”International embarrassment, courtesy of Bangalore #trevornoah.\”

Another user on \’X\’ found humor in the situation, remarking, \”I\’ve been missing Bangalore deeply for the past few weeks… but now I\’m cured after witnessing a comically pitiful number of people attempting to sell their #TrevorNoah tickets because they\’re stuck in traffic and unable to attend.\”

Reports also indicated the possibility of Trevor Noah canceling the show due to repeated delays. One individual shared, \”Apparently, the sound quality is so poor that @Trevornoah is considering canceling the show and issuing refunds .\”

In the end, Trevor Noah canceled both of his Bengaluru shows, citing technical difficulties. He expressed his regrets on \’X,\’ stating, \”Dear Bengaluru India, I was eagerly looking forward to performing in your incredible city, but due to technical issues, we\’ve been compelled to cancel both shows.\”

According to reports, Trevor Noah exited the stage during his Bengaluru show when attendees who managed to overcome the ORR traffic gridlock were unable to hear the performers due to audio problems.

One \’X\’ user succinctly summarized the ordeal, stating, \”It\’s not just about the sound system. The venue was subpar, seating was cramped, and the auditorium was sweltering. The audience was disheartened. How could an event of this magnitude fail so miserably? As my friend aptly put it, we came for comedy but got tragedy! #trevornoah in Luru.\”

The CEO of a Fintech Startup weighed in, writing, \”Trevor Noah\’s Bengaluru show was canceled. He\’s still stuck in traffic.\”

Another attendee expressed their frustration, remarking, \”@bookmyshow, you\’re fortunate there hasn\’t been a riot,\” accompanied by a video of dissatisfied attendees departing the venue.

In the end, someone humorously noted, \”It appears Bengaluru has gifted Trevor Noah with enough stand-up material for the rest of his life.\”

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