Bengaluru Bandh on September 11 | What’s open | What’s Closed

On Monday, September 11, private taxi and bus associations in Bengaluru have initiated a strike, which is anticipated to lead to the cessation of most privately-operated transportation services in the city. Since Monday is a typical workday for IT professionals and other commuters, the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) is taking measures to deploy supplementary buses to meet the heightened demand during the strike.

Following the introduction of the Shakti scheme, which provides free bus travel for women in Karnataka, private players in the transportation sector have expressed their concerns about its adverse impact on their enterprises. They had previously conferred with the transport minister, urging the incorporation of private buses into the Shakti scheme and seeking compensation for their financial losses.

Transport unions had previously engaged in discussions with the state transport minister, Ramalinga Reddy, on July 24, just three days before initially scheduling a protest for July 27. During those discussions, Minister Reddy assured them that 28 out of their 30 demands would be addressed by the close of August.

Nevertheless, with no communication from the government following these assurances, the associations have opted to stage a one-day strike on September 11. Here is what will be impacted by the strike:

Services That Will Cease Operations:

1. All privately-run airport taxis will not be operational. Travelers heading to the airport will need to make alternative arrangements or utilize the BMTC Vayu Vajra bus services for airport transportation.

2. App-based ride-sharing services such as Ola and Uber will not be accessible as they have expressed their support for the strike.

3. Auto rickshaws, an essential component of Bengaluru’s commuting network, will refrain from providing their services.

4. Privately-operated buses traveling within the state from Bengaluru will not be in service.

Services That Will Continue to Operate:

1. Essential services, including ambulances, pharmaceutical transport vehicles, and other vehicles responsible for the transportation of critical goods, will maintain their operations.

2. Food delivery and grocery transport services, facilitating the conveyance of essential daily items, will continue without disruptions.

3. Public transportation services, encompassing BMTC buses and metro trains, will remain in operation without interruptions. Additionally, BMTC intends to increase bus services on Monday to accommodate the heightened demand.

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