BBC resumes Huw Edwards inquiry as no criminality found by police

The BBC has announced the resumption of its investigation into Huw Edwards, following the police\’s conclusion that there is no evidence of criminal behavior regarding claims that he paid a young person for explicit images. Edwards\’ wife disclosed his identity as the presenter involved in the allegations and stated that he is currently hospitalized due to severe mental health issues. The BBC has emphasized its commitment to duty of care throughout this process.

Additional claims of inappropriate messages by Edwards made by some BBC staff have also emerged. The corporation had temporarily paused its internal fact-finding investigation at the request of the Metropolitan Police, pending their own inquiries. With the internal probe now back in progress, the BBC has stated that it will ensure due process and conduct a thorough assessment of the facts.

In response to the situation, BBC Director General Tim Davie has initiated a separate review to evaluate the adequacy of the BBC\’s complaints protocols and procedures. This decision comes after it was revealed that the corporation had only contacted the family making the allegations about Edwards twice, despite categorizing the accusations as \”very serious.\”

The initial allegations, reported by the Sun online, claimed that the news presenter had paid a young person for sexually explicit photos, starting when they were 17. Subsequently, the Sun altered the wording of the allegation to state that contact between the two began when the individual was 17. The Sun had quoted the person\’s mother, who expressed concern about her child\’s crack cocaine habit, allegedly funded by the money received for the photos. The young person\’s lawyer has dismissed the accusations as baseless, while the family maintains their account.

The Metropolitan Police released a statement confirming that they found no indication of a criminal offense having been committed in relation to the allegations.

In addition, the BBC reported further claims on Wednesday regarding Edwards\’ inappropriate behavior toward junior staff members. Two current employees and one former staff member disclosed receiving messages that made them uncomfortable. One employee described receiving \”suggestive\” messages from Edwards, which commented on their appearance and were sent this year. This individual felt it represented an abuse of power by a senior figure within the organization.

Junior staff members expressed reluctance to complain about the conduct of high-profile colleagues, fearing potential negative impacts on their careers.

Amidst these circumstances, Tim Davie addressed BBC staff in an internal email, acknowledging the complexity of the situation and emphasizing the need for careful navigation and consideration.

Former controller of Radio 4, Mark Damazer, emphasized the importance of the BBC demonstrating a proper duty of care. He underscored the significance of reaching measured, appropriate, and evidence-based conclusions without being rushed by external pressures.

Huw Edwards was officially identified as the BBC presenter at the center of the allegations by his wife, who issued a statement on his behalf after days of speculation. The statement cited his hospitalization for serious mental health issues and expressed concern for his well-being and the protection of their children.

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