Ashish Kacholia-backed Aeroflex Industries shares dip after strong debut. Buy, sell or hold?

The shares of Aeroflex Industries associated with Ashish Kacholia made their debut on both the BSE and NSE stock exchanges with an impressive 83 percent listing premium, delivering substantial gains to fortunate allottees. However, the initial excitement witnessed on Dalal Street was soon followed by a phase of profit booking, causing the portfolio stock backed by Ashish Kacholia to undergo a corrective decline of approximately 10 percent shortly after its highly anticipated debut. The intraday lows for Aeroflex Industries were recorded at ₹166.50 per share on both the BSE and NSE platforms.

Market experts are placing emphasis on the promising business prospects of this company supported by Ashish Kacholia. As a result, individuals who currently hold this stock in their portfolios are advised to contemplate securing a profit of at least 50 percent on the listing day, while retaining the remaining shares for the medium to long term. For those who missed the opportunity to acquire shares of Aeroflex Industries during the allotment process, patience is recommended, considering the stock\’s impressive 83 percent premium listing on the BSE.

In terms of the company\’s future outlook, Mahesh M. Ojha, AVP – Research and Business Development at Hensex Securities Pvt Limited, commented, \”Aeroflex Industries serves a diverse array of industries, boasting a broad and diversified customer base, coupled with an extensive product range. The company holds substantial growth potential. We suggest that investors consider booking at least 50 percent profits on the listing day itself, while retaining the rest for a medium to long-term investment horizon.\”

Regarding the trajectory of Aeroflex Industries\’ share prices, Pravesh Gour, Senior Technical Analyst at Swastika Investmart, recommended that shareholders maintain their positions for the medium to long term. Gour highlighted the unique nature of the company\’s business model, underlining its focus on exports, which contribute around 80 percent of total revenue from global markets. With promising forward strategies, including expansion plans on both global and domestic fronts, combined with investments in innovative technologies to enhance products, Gour maintained that individuals with a medium- to long-term perspective can confidently hold onto the stock.

For those who were unable to secure shares of this Ashish Kacholia-associated company through the allotment process, Prashanth Tapse, Senior VP — Research at Prashanth Tapse, advised exercising caution. Following Aeroflex Industries\’ robust debut, Tapse indicated that valuations could become stretched. He recommended that allotted investors consider booking profits on the day of listing, while potential buyers should adopt a cautious approach, observing the market before considering entry at the debut price.

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