Arvind Kejriwal participates in Chhath Puja in his New Delhi constituency

On Sunday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal actively participated in the Chhath Puja festivities within his constituency, offering prayers and extending warm wishes to devotees. As per an official statement, Kejriwal engaged in the celebratory events organized for Chhath Puja in Lakshmibai Nagar, East Kidwai Nagar, and Kali Bari, all situated within his electoral constituency of New Delhi.

The statement highlighted that Kejriwal specifically sought blessings from \’Chhathi Maiya\’ for the widespread bestowal of happiness upon the people and abundant blessings for every household.

Earlier in the day, he conveyed his heartfelt wishes on X, stating, \”Warm wishes to all on the occasion of Lord Surya\’s worship and the significant festival of faith, Chhath Puja. May Chhathi Maiya ensure the well-being, happiness, and prosperity of everyone, fulfilling all your aspirations.\”

To facilitate the festivities, the Delhi government has erected 1,000 Chhath ghats this year, with a special focus on accommodating residents from the Purvanchal region (Bhojpuri region of eastern UP) who reside in Delhi.

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