\”Anti-National\”: Himanta Sarma Flags Map Error In Congress\’s Video Swipe

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma vehemently criticized the Congress on Saturday, alleging that they demonstrated a lack of concern for the Northeast and its people while mocking Prime Minister Narendra Modi in their recent social media post.

The Congress posted a video on its official X platform, purportedly displaying a distorted map of India that notably excluded the entire Northeast region.

In response to this post, Mr. Sarma implied that it appeared as if the Congress had already given up the Northeast to a \”foreign country.\”

Capturing a screenshot of the Congress\’s post, Mr. Sarma shared it on X, stating, \”It seems as though the Congress party has clandestinely struck a deal to sell off the entire Northeastern region to a neighboring nation. Is this the reason Rahul traveled abroad? Or has the party embraced Sharjeel Imam (a former student activist held under UAP(A) sections)?\”

Moreover, when speaking with ANI on Saturday, Mr. Sarma called upon citizens throughout the country to take notice of the Congress\’s actions and respond accordingly in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections next year.

\”I came across that tweet. It gave the impression that the Congress had relinquished our cherished Northeast region to China. They posted an India map with the entire Northeast region conspicuously absent. This is a deliberate act against the nation. The people of the Northeast and the entire nation should take heed of this and respond appropriately in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections next year,\” stated the Assam CM to ANI.

The controversial post was, in a way, the Congress\’s take on a famous scene from the Bollywood movie \’Deewar.\’ In that scene, Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor, the film\’s two main protagonists, engage in a fiery exchange, with the latter eventually saying, \”Mere paas maa hai\’ (Mother is with me).

The Congress shared an animated video of that scene from \’Deewar,\’ with Prime Minister Narendra Modi portrayed as Amitabh Bachchan and Rahul Gandhi depicted as Shashi Kapoor.

In the video, PM Modi can be heard saying, \”I have ED, police, power, money, friends… what do you have?\”

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