Amrit Bharat Station scheme: Here are the 13 railway stations in Karnataka that will be redeveloped

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually inaugurated the foundation stone-laying ceremony to initiate the revitalization of 508 railway stations nationwide through video conferencing, as part of the Amrit Bharat Station scheme. Among these, a total of 13 stations are slated for redevelopment in the state of Karnataka.

The following is the list of the 13 stations in Karnataka that are set to undergo redevelopment under the Amrit Bharat Station scheme:
– Ballari
– Ghataprabha
– Gokak Road
– Bidar
– Mangalore Junction
– Harihar
– Alnavar
– Gadag
– Arsikere
– Kalaburagi Junction (Gulbarga)
– Shahabad
– Wadi
– Koppal

These 508 stations are distributed across 27 states and union territories, with significant numbers in Uttar Pradesh (55) and Rajasthan (55), followed by Bihar (49), Maharashtra (44), West Bengal (37), Madhya Pradesh (34), Assam (32), Odisha (25), Punjab (22), and Gujarat (21), among others.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi referred to this initiative as a historic moment in the Indian railways\’ timeline. During the inauguration, he emphasized India\’s progression towards developmental goals, marking the onset of a promising era. He highlighted the nation\’s rejuvenated spirit, newfound inspiration, and unwavering determination, underscoring that this milestone signifies the commencement of a new chapter in the annals of Indian Railways.

The Amrit Bharat Station Scheme, launched in February, envisions the systematic enhancement of railway stations on an ongoing basis with a long-term perspective. The scheme involves the formulation and phased implementation of comprehensive \”master plans\” to elevate the facilities and services at the stations. Originally intended to transform 1,309 stations nationwide, the scheme\’s objective is to upgrade the overall infrastructure and passenger experience across the Indian rail network.

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