Airtel Uganda Expands 5G Network to Several Prominent Locations

Having recently secured the necessary spectrum for 5G technology deployment, Airtel Uganda has taken significant strides forward. Subsequently, the company introduced the activation of 5G services at Bulange, Mengo, successfully accomplishing this milestone by the conclusion of July 2023. As reported by TelecomTalk, Airtel Uganda has meticulously detailed its strategy for a methodical 5G introduction, initiating the rollout on a site-by-site basis. The initial phase is centered around encompassing 50 sites situated within the central business district of Kampala. Demonstrating its commitment to advancing in the realm of 5G technology, Airtel Uganda has proceeded to initiate 5G services across various prominent locations. As evidenced by Airtel Uganda\’s updates on LinkedIn, the company\’s 5G network proudly stands as the pioneering force within Uganda\’s 5G landscape.

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