Air pollution: IIT Kanpur team to present Delhi artificial rain plan

Kanpur is set to present an elaborate plan for instigating artificial rain to the Delhi government, given the consistently \’severe\’ air quality in the capital.

Previously, experts recommended the implementation of artificial rain around November 20 and 21, aligning with the weather forecast projecting a 40% cloud cover over the national capital, a pivotal condition.

Following an assessment of the proposal, the Delhi Government aims to present it to the Supreme Court and solicit the Centre\’s collaboration. If the Supreme Court issues its directive, experts can commence the inaugural artificial rain pilot project in Delhi during November 20 and 21.

Gopal Rai, Delhi\’s Environment Minister, emphasized that the IIT-Kanpur team underscored the importance of maintaining at least a 40% cloud cover.

A meeting, held on Wednesday with experts from IIT Kanpur, involved Delhi\’s Environment Minister Gopal Rai, Revenue Minister Atishi, and other officials, discussing the possibilities of artificial rain.

Artificial rain, also known as cloud seeding, is a technique for altering weather conditions to induce precipitation. This process entails introducing substances such as silver iodide or potassium iodide into clouds using aircraft or helicopters.

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