After Successful G20 Summit, PM Modi Rated Top Global Leader, Again

Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues to hold the top spot in global leadership rankings, boasting an impressive approval rating of 76 percent, as per a survey conducted by Morning Consult. The \’Global Leader Approval Rating Tracker\’ from this US-based consulting firm reveals that 76 percent of respondents endorse PM Modi\’s leadership, while 18 percent express disapproval, and six percent abstain from forming an opinion.

Notably, Prime Minister Modi\’s approval rating significantly surpasses that of his closest competitors, with Switzerland President Alain Berset earning a 64 percent approval rating and Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador securing a 61 percent approval rating.

Consistently, in past assessments, Prime Minister Modi has consistently occupied the top position. In contrast, US President Joe Biden registers a 40 percent approval rating, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau garners 37 percent, UK PM Rishi Sunak stands at 27 percent, and France President Emmanuel Macron trails behind with only a 24 percent approval rating.

India recently hosted the G20 summit successfully in the national capital, convening over 40 global leaders and their respective delegations. During the Leader\’s Summit, the New Delhi Declaration received unanimous adoption, with a notable achievement being the alignment of global powers on contentious issues such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

At the summit\’s conclusion, PM Modi passed the presidency to Brazilian President Lula da Silva and proposed a virtual G20 session in November to review the recommendations and proposals made at this premier forum for international economic cooperation.

Throughout India\’s G20 presidency, advocating for the Global South and developing nations took center stage in New Delhi\’s agenda. The theme of India\’s G20 Presidency, \’One Earth One Family One Future,\’ encapsulated the event\’s spirit.

PM Modi emphasized that India\’s G20 Presidency embodies inclusivity both within the country and beyond, evolving into a \”People\’s G20\” in India, with millions of citizens engaged in the process.

A significant and historic outcome of India\’s G20 Presidency is the African Union\’s inclusion as a permanent member of the Group of 20 (G20).

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