The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) has introduced new beta functionality that enables users to opt out of interest-based advertising (IBA) using encrypted phone numbers. Previously, the DAA\’s Token-ID-Based Tool relied on hashed email addresses for such choices. This enhanced tool is now available for users in the United States and Canada.

The primary objective of incorporating opt-out functionality based on hashed phone numbers is to establish a centralized choice infrastructure capable of supporting current and emerging technologies in interest-based advertising. Ad-related companies are encouraged to integrate this comprehensive phone- and email-based choice mechanism into their strategies to ensure their approaches remain relevant and adaptable.

The YourAdChoices Tool, also known as the DAA\’s Token-ID-Based Tool, was launched in April 2021, providing individuals the ability to opt out or revoke permission from companies using hashed identifiers like email or phone numbers for relevant advertising. The tool deploys a secure hashing process to encrypt the identifier into a token based on a specific algorithm.

With the updated tool, users can input their email or phone number, which then undergoes the same hashing process. Participating companies can subsequently opt out the corresponding token from interest-based advertising. The DAA only uses the hashed identifier for the opt-out process and automatically deletes the hashed versions after 30 days.

It\’s crucial to note that the enhanced tool\’s opt-out or permission revocation applies exclusively to interest-based advertising and not to other purposes like measurement or fraud prevention. Moreover, it does not extend to other identifiers such as cookies or device IDs, which consumers can separately opt out of using the WebChoices and AppChoices platforms.

Several companies, including Adstra, Foursquare, IQM, Knorex, LiveRamp, Merkle, GroupM\’s [m]Platform, and Tapad, are participating in the beta test for the email and phone opt-out tools.

The DAA\’s Token-ID-Based Tool is now available to companies that have integrated DAA\’s other choice tools (WebChoices and AppChoices) at no extra cost, aiming to encourage the widespread adoption of these new privacy controls.

This privacy tool reflects the responsible advertising industry\’s commitment to offering self-regulatory consumer controls amid a rapidly evolving market. It ensures that advertisers can engage with consumers ethically, even amidst changes in identifier technologies, while efforts toward a federal privacy law continue.

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