A Perfect Pair: adidas and Covision Media Use AI, NVIDIA RTX to Create Photorealistic 3D Content

Creating 3D scans for physical products is often a time-consuming process. Many businesses turn to conventional methods, such as photogrammetry-based applications and scanners, which can devour a significant amount of time, ranging from hours to even days. Additionally, these methods may not consistently meet the necessary standards for achieving the desired 3D quality and level of detail required to realistically depict models across various applications.

Italy-based startup Covision Media is at the forefront of a transformation in the 3D scanning process and the development of 3D-based content by harnessing the power of AI and NVIDIA RTX technology.

Covision Media specializes in AI-driven 3D scanners that empower users to create digital replicas, often referred to as \”twins,\” of virtually any type of product, spanning from footwear, eyeglasses, sports equipment, toys, tools, to household items. The company actively participates in the NVIDIA Inception program, providing startups access to state-of-the-art resources and cutting-edge technologies.

With Covision\’s technology, customers can rapidly generate 3D scans while concurrently preserving intricate textures, materials, colors, geometry, and more, resulting in an impressive level of realism in their visual representations.

This technology seamlessly operates on NVIDIA RTX, facilitating the development of high-quality, meticulously detailed, and photorealistic 3D models. Covision Media also employs neural radiance fields (NeRFs) to further enhance the quality of 3D models, effectively addressing common challenges such as accurately capturing lighting, reflections, and transparent surfaces.

Notably, distinguished brands like adidas and their partner, NUREG, a content creation studio, have enthusiastically embraced Covision Media\’s 3D scanning technology to streamline and expand their efforts in e-commerce content production.

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