Know all about IAS Interview | A comprehensive guide


Appearing for the IAS UPSC interview is the final hurdle to successfully qualify for the exam and get a secured job. However, cracking this round is also the most difficult. Because in this round your aptitude, as well as your ability to function in a critical situation is gets tested. The interview round is more than your theoretical knowledge and it tests your in-depth understanding of the field, as well as how quickly you can use your presence of mind. In order to crack this UPSC interview round, it is preferred that you follow a regiment. On many occasions, there are good coaching institutes to prepare you for the exam. Being one of the potent IAS coaching centres in Delhi, we decided to elaborate on this topic to help thousands of aspirants appearing for the exam and then interview.  

Understanding The Interview Round:

It is very important that before we talk about how you can prepare for the round, you analyse what the interview round is about and then make your decision. The interview round is more of a personality test where an entire panel of distinguished professionals from the same field imply their knowledge to a practical test.

The major catch about this interview round is that there are no presets of questions, and it can vary from candidate to candidate. In such cases, there are a few ground rules that can help you answer better. However, truth be told, the answer has to be framed from your presence of mind, as well as knowledge in the field.

Tricks To Help You Perform Better in UPSC Interview

We have already mentioned that there are no ground rules to crack the UPSC interview round. However, a few tricks can help you perform better:

  • Confidence: 

Yes, you read it absolutely right. Confidence is the key to your excellence, particularly when it comes to the interview round. Unlike your regular job or college interviews, this is a field where your presence of mind gets the ultimate test. Hence, you have to make sure that your mind is in a calm place, and you can analyze the question and then furnish the appropriate answer. Even if you are not aware of the right answer, you should be confident and deny the question in a polite form that does not show your arrogance but your spark to learn more.

  • Current Affairs:  

The UPSC interview round demands you to have a grip over the current affairs of the country. So, you must not only read the big headlines but also go to the depth of the newspapers, and other current affairs books. In most cases, candidates are asked their personal opinion about the situation and what they think and make it better. In such cases, you must be politically neutral and provide an answer which surfaces both the purpose as well as does not sound discriminatory.

  • Presentation: 

Now comes a very delicate yet important part of your interview round. Always try to reach the venue early, be well-groomed and wear something subtle yet sophisticated. The position of an IAS is very respectful, and hence you have to be well aware of these aspects.


Clearing IAS theoretical is only one part of achieving the title. The interview round holds equal, even more importance. If you are skeptical about your preparation for the final round and seeking expert guidance, opt-in for the best IAS coaching centre in Delhi. Tarun IAS Academy is known to provide potent coaching to the students, even for the interview rounds. They have a very well-versed panel and even arrange for mock interview rounds that prepare students more comprehensively. So, when looking for the best IAS academy in Delhi, Tarun IAS is the name to rely.

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