80 lakh graduates, 15% of population cleared class 10: Bihar caste survey

The caste survey report, which was presented in the Bihar assembly on Tuesday, discloses that Bihar is home to nearly 8 million graduates, making up approximately 6.11 percent of the total population.

According to the report, the highest number of graduates, comprising 24,534 individuals from the Other Reported Classes (ORC), accounts for 13.45 percent of their overall population. This is closely followed by 2,695,820 graduates in the general category, constituting 13.41 percent of their total count. In contrast, Scheduled Caste graduates number 783,050, representing a modest 3.05 percent of their total population.

Furthermore, the report reveals the existence of 1,076,700 postgraduates, constituting 0.82 percent of the population, while individuals holding PhDs, including chartered accountants, amount to 95,398, making up just 0.07 percent of the population.

The report also points out that merely 9.19 percent of the population, or around 120,12,146 individuals, have successfully cleared their higher secondary examination, and 14.71 percent, or approximately 192,29,997 individuals, have completed class 10.

In addition, the report highlights that only 15 lakh individuals possess their own laptops with regular internet connections, which is less than 2 percent of the surveyed population.

More specifically, 15,08,085 individuals own laptops with regular internet access, representing 1.15 percent of the total population surveyed, with 10,147 individuals from the ORC owning laptops with internet access, accounting for 5.56 percent of their total population. In the general category, 6,33,864 individuals (3.15 percent) own laptops with internet access, while 95,490 people from the Scheduled Castes (SC) have laptops with internet access (0.37 percent). Remarkably, nearly 99.49 percent of individuals in the SC category (approximately 2,55,59,507) lack access to laptops.

The report also notes that only 1.57 percent of the population, or around 20,49,370 individuals, are employed in government positions. Additionally, individuals belonging to the organized and unorganized sectors make up 1.22 percent and 2.14 percent of the population, respectively.

The majority of the population, roughly 67.54 percent, is comprised of housewives and students, totaling around 8,82,91,275 individuals. Meanwhile, there are 2,18,65,634 laborers, accounting for 16.73 percent of the total population.

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