55-Metre Fortified Tunnel Found Under Gaza\’s Biggest Hospital: Israel

On Sunday, Israel released a video showcasing what it asserted to be a tunnel constructed by Palestinian operatives beneath Gaza Strip\’s largest hospital, Al Shifa. This medical facility has been a focal point in Israel\’s ongoing operations against Hamas throughout the seven-week conflict. Despite Hamas admitting to a vast network of secret tunnels, bunkers, and access shafts in the Gaza Strip, it denies their existence within civilian structures such as hospitals.

As per an update from the Israeli military, their engineers discovered a tunnel measuring 10 meters in depth and 55 meters in length, leading to a blast-proof door within the Shifa Hospital complex. The military statement, supported by video evidence, clarified that this blast-proof door is employed by Hamas to obstruct Israeli forces from accessing its command centers and underground assets. The video displayed a narrow passageway with arched concrete roofing, culminating at a grey door. The statement did not specify the contents beyond the door. The military indicated that the tunnel had been accessed through a shaft located in a shed within the Shifa compound, which housed munitions.

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